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Water Beads

Water Beads

Our waterbeads are the perfect learning tool for your little one, keeping them busy while exploring their senses and many other learning concepts!


Our bags are 25g and come in a variety of colours themes.

Interested in custom colours? Get in touch and we can help you create your own unique range!


Place in a container with 4 litres of water, and allow to absorb for 3 to 4 hours. Makes 3 litres of water beads.

The longer left to absorb the larger they will grow.

Drain of water and store in a air tight container or bag after use, rinse before using again.


Made from a plant based polymer material.

Non toxic, non fade, 100% biodegradable, non flammable. Zero plastic.

Use under adult supervision, potential choking hazard if not supervised.


Please note our water beads are handmade so colours may vary slightly to those pictured

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