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Sensory Bottles

Sensory Bottles

Sensory Bottles have landed!


Glorious bottles of sensory joy, which are wonderful companions for the adventure of sensory development. Filled with colour, light and magic these sensory bottles ensure children keep marvelling and learning whilst they play.


The combination of elements and objects has been designed so that little ones can track them with their eyes as they move, helping with concentration and focus with the added element of excitement.


Different to rattles and other toys, these sensory bottles allow children to identify and match the sounds with the different pieces found inside them. Give them a shake, or roll them around (which is a great way to encourage a crawl) to see all the different types of sounds that can be made!


Aside from the senses these bottles help to develop and support, the positive emotional impact these can have is priceless! In moments of agitation and upset, simply shaking the bottle vigorously and watching the light, colours and glitter move can help to slowly relax and focus a child in the moment where they are struggling with big emotions.


6 different themes available - in sets of 4


1 Sensory Rice Sound Shaker

1 Water Bead Sun Catcher

1 Noise Maker

1 Glitter Shaker


All lids have safety seals attached as well as glued down


Please note our sensory bottles are handmade so colours may vary slightly to those pictured

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