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Mini Play Dough Jars

Mini Play Dough Jars

Mini Play Dough Jar comes with 200 grams of play dough!

Our play dough is handmade, natural and low tox. It is made using all food based ingredients and created with love!

Play dough is by far one of the best resources to have with children.

The opportunities are endless and the development possibilities go on and on.

Play dough is so much more than just a toy.

If you look closely you will see the many different positions that children’s hands go into while exploring play dough; a natural process that occurs while manipulating play dough. You will see rolling, squeezing, pinching, flattening, squishing, shape making. All of which encourage and build on fine motor skills, finger isolation, dexterity, bilateral coordination, finger and hand strength; which are all vital for writing, cutting and everyday tasks such as zippers, buttons and shoes.

Aside from all of that play stimulates the cognitive side of a child’s brain, it encourages them to problem solving and think reflectively. It stimulates their creativity and inquisition.

It allows for interest based planning, adding items of interest and promotes relaxation.

Adding essential oils and natural colours further develops colour recognition and the senses as the children engage with this amazing resource.

Ingredients; plain flour, salt, cream of tartar, coconut oil, food colouring, water, essential oils in a PET plastic jar

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