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Why Sensory Play? 🌈

Ever found yourself wondering…what actually is sensory play? 🤔

Sensory play is more than just a fun activity for your little ones to explore. It has endless benefits for children and there are so many fun ways to really engage with them too! The possibilities for sensory play are infinite 🌈

To make it brief, sensory play is any play activity that stimulates the senses and encourages children to explore the environment around them 🌟

The importance of sensory play can be seen within the brain, by stimulating the senses, healthy brain development is encouraged in many ways 🧠

Developmental Opportunities;

🌟 Motor Skills

🌟 Sensory Capabilities

🌟 Imagination

🌟 Language Development

🌟 Problem Solving

🌟 Practical Life Skills

🌟 Memory Development and Concentration

🌟 Emotional Regulation

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