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The Benefits of Barefoot 🦶

You may have noticed us going barefoot at our play sessions over the past week, and here’s why!

Allowing your little one to explore the world barefoot is best for their growth and development. Staying barefoot helps babies coordinate and balance when learning to walk. It helps strengths the arches of their feet and toes and increases their proprioception.

When babies and toddlers walk around barefoot, they tend to look up because the information they receive is through their feet. Shoes block that information reception, making them more likely to loose balance or fall over.

Babies love to explore the world with their feet and toes. Being barefoot encourages this sensory exploration on different surfaces like grass, sand, and other textured surfaces.

Shoes provide safety for your child’s feet and can be an important tool for that, so it’s important to remember to check your surroundings before going barefoot and only do so when you believe it is safe for them.

When it is safe, let your little one walk, crawl, roll, stand, etc while barefoot.

Make time for barefoot outdoor experiences. Find safe surfaces to walk on so your baby can explore different surfaces.

We encourage both your little one and you as parents to engage in our sensory play sessions barefoot if you feel comfortable.

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