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Taste Safe 😋

We often hear the words ‘taste safe’ get thrown around when discussing sensory play but what does that really mean? 🤔

Well in a nutshell, it really means the items are edible. That doesn’t mean they will necessarily taste any good, or that your child should eat a lot. But it does mean that it won’t hurt them if they happen to sneak a handful here or there! 😂

So why is this important? Because let’s be real, your little one is going to put things in their mouth, and that is so normal! Children explore with their mouths and oral exploration is actually a key part of child development 🌟

Taste safe sensory play is rich with opportunities for development like oral motor skills, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, cause and effect and so much more! 🌈

You can easily create experiences where your little can explore in a low risk environment where they can discover textures, smells, colours, temperatures, flavours. Plus, it tastes the pressure off meal times for both your little one and yourself! 🎉

This is why at Delivered by Demi, all of our experiences and set ups are taste safe 🥰

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