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Welcome to Delivered by Demi

Here at Delivered by Demi we value the importance of sensory play and the benefits of children being provided opportunities to engage in sensory play.

Delivered by Demi is a roaming sensory experience that provides your little one with the opportunity for hands on sensory exploration, social interaction, building life skills and much more!
Sensory play sessions, parties and unique play resources, designed to enrich your child's early learning development and provide so much fun.

Come along to our sensory play sessions to experience all the benefits, book at party for the ultimate birthday experience or visit the shop to find sensory resources to extend your little ones sensory exploration at home!


Why sensory play?

Children learn best when they are free to explore and discover at their own pace through play.

Children are naturally curious and inquisitive.

Sensory play gives children the opportunity to work through their questions, thoughts and ideas.  Providing children with opportunities, experiences and resources to provoke and stimulate allows them the chance to explore, learn and discover.

Sensory play is a wonderful tool to calm an anxious or frustrated child, as well as further developing language, extending vocabulary and concepts such as colour recognition, early mathematical concepts and early literacy skills, to name a few!


Sensory Play Sessions

Our sensory play sessions explore a range of hands on sensory experiences that provide opportunities for investigation, social interaction, building life skills and a whole lot more!

All natural and taste safe ingredients are used to provide a sensory play experience designed to enrich your child’s early learning development.

Perfect for ages 6 months to 6 years!

Our sessions go for 1 hour with multiple different play experiences provided!

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